Digital MRV System for Your Carbon Project

Measure your area by using

Original Image High-Res Satellite
Modified Image Low-Res Satellite

We maximize your project's effectiveness using AI & Machine Learning.

Suitable for all project activities such as:

Carbon Project Development

Nature-based Solution Project

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Afforestation Reforestation Revegetation Activities



The Good Way to Build The Next Nature-based Solution Project

Landcover - icon

Land Cover Classification

Automated landcover classification using satellite or drone imagery.

Point of cloud - icon

Point of Cloud.

3D area visualization for gaining insights into field conditions.

Vegetation Index - icon

Vegetation Index

Obtain measurements for the health and growth of trees in your area.

Carbon Stock - icon

Carbon Stock

Obtain an estimation of the carbon stock in your area.

Fire - icon

Active Fire

Rapid identification of hotspots to prevent major fires.

Tree counting - icon

Tree Counting

Detection of the quantity of healthy and unhealthy trees using drones & satellite high resolution.

Deforestation - icon


Detection of land use change from forest to non-forest and vice versa.

Biodiversity - icon


Capture flora and fauna conditions with images and sound to obtain a biodiversity index.

Precipitation - icon


Monthly report of number of rainy days and rainfall conditions in the local area.

Water - icon

Water Management

Report on replenished water, water balance, and groundwater level monitoring.

IoT Sensor - icon

IoT Sensors

Measurement tools for the activities, such as water level, soil and air condition & tree diameter.

And more - icon

And more+

Offline mobile app, project summary, team collaboration, alert notification, more+



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